Friday, December 11, 2009

eXamiNaTioN rEsuLts

Finally...*sigh* The day which I don't really know and care at first time, had finally came. Adnin told me the date. At the site, it wrote that the result can be check after 10PM. But I got a message from one of my friend told me that we can check it even though that time around 9PM. I'd tried, but the server was busy like hell. Few friends asked me to check for them. I did tried while "busy playing" with facebook but still didn't make it. So, I've decided to wait until after midnight. It was so easy.. I checked for my friends first. About 7 of Lastly, my turn. OMG. In my head, I know this one paper I will have to repeat it. I thought about it since I answered the paper last month. But miracles appear,I know.. I can't believe it!! Syukur alhamdulillah... I pass ALL the subjects. ALL including the one that I thought I have to repeat it. This was my results: Bel=B, Ctu=A-, Eco=A-, KO=A, Logic=B, Calculus=C. This semester my GPA 3.02 and my CGPA 3.31. Even though I don't get Dean List(DL) but I still thanked GOD for giving me all this.. I am so relieved that I pass all the subjects. That's all.. It's getting late.. Headache is coming after me right now. urghh..I'd better off...

See yaa,
:: Miz Vamp ::


Gadis Imaginasi said...

oittsss ta gtau punnn the good news ni!!

Miss Vamp said...

Thanks..Tp x good mne pon..huhu