Thursday, April 15, 2010

sTudy wEeK

It's been sooooooo long since I haven't update my blog. Couldn't find the right time and my strongest excuse, "ketidakwujudan" internet..huhu

I just came back from UiTM.. I took a bus on 13 April, at 6.45PM. Well, I didn't know that I will be taking a double decker bus because it's not me who bought the ticket. Since that's my first time to be in a double decker bus, I am quite excited actually, plus my seat was on the second level. I thought it was cool at first place but then, mr. headache came.huhuhu =( I think it's because my seat was higher than before that caused me a headache. The bus stopped only once at RnR Tapah and that just for half an hour. I like that bus because it was so comfortable, seriously.. =) Uh yeah... The lights along the way that cause me got headache actually. 'Kesilauan yang teramat'. I think.(*_*)" And I arrived at my hometown at 6.30AM.. *sigh* It took 12 hours for me to get here.. And guess what? Mr. Headache still 'melekat' until this evening and my stomach doesn't feel very good. Changes of surrounding maybe?? Nausea?? hhurmmm... :/

Anyway, thanks to Mr.N, the person who bought the ticket.. =D

Few weeks ago, I got tons of work..tests...presentations...n term papers.. But now I still got one more term paper to do.. But don't know when coz I forgot to bring along my book.. WARGHHH.. macam mana mau buat kerja...huhu *sigh* Sorry girls, but I'll try to do my best to complete my part..huhu..

Anyway, as today, in the next 10 hours, I want to go out with my 'Syg', as usual, hang out and we're planning to watch 2 movies..huhu.. I planned to study later. Have fun first, then before go back, only then I will study..hehe. Very the 'malas'.

To "Clown ku", thanks because sudi merapu and melayan mengarut
on the phone tadi. You're the best...(*_^)/"
Mr. Sengal, if "that's" really what come from you,then thanks a lot..
Saranghae too... *grinned* (^_~)
Mr LO, bo go ship da..huhu='(

Happy,excited, bahagia,
Miz Vamp

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