Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mis Tres Hermanas

Last Friday, while I was watching the television, I finally got to see my favourite telenovela. One of my favourite old telenovela called Mis Tres Hermanas. Here is the only pic I got.haha..

The Synopsis:
(some plagiarism..haha. Sorry, I just CnP from the web that I found)

This is a story of true love and how conflicts born from love can be too much for one family to bear. Lisa Estrada, a young nurse, is forever loyal to her older brother Augusto, who raised his three sisters after the death of their parents. Her unexpected and profound love for Santiago Ortega, a handsome, hard-working engineer, will reveal secrets almost too painful for everyone to face.

Santiago, himself pursued by women who cannot resist his charms, will risk all that he has for the love of Lisa. Sadly, others will do all they can to deny him that love. The family is further tested when a mysterious disease threatens their community and the life of Beatriz, Lisa's youngest sister. The epidemic brings the surprising arrival of Jacinto - the father they believed was long dead - now a brilliant scientist on a mission to cure this deadly disease. His return will reopen scars that Lisa, her sisters, and their brother Augusto thought were healed. Lisa, her beloved Santiago, and her sisters Beatriz and Sylvia will nearly lose everything in their struggles against treachery, disease, and financial hardship. But, as he has so many times in the past, Augusto will rescue them all, reuniting Lisa with Santiago, and bringing back the harmony the Estrada family had lost so long ago.

I love the actress and the actor very, very, very much. (^_^)

Some of the cast:

Scarlet Ortiz ... Lisa Estrada Rossi
Ricardo Álamo ... Santiago Ortega Díaz
Roxana Díaz ... Margarita Alvarez
Carlos Cruz ... Augusto Estrada Rossi
Dad Dager ... Silvia Estrada Rossi
Ricardo Bianchi ... Carlos Salas
Chantal Baudaux ... Beatriz Estrada Rossi 'La Beba'
Jonathan Montenegro ... Francisco Moreno
Marlene De Andrade ... Barbara Solis Quintero
Yul Bürkle ... Anibal Solis Quintero
Marisela Buitriago ... Sofia Quintero de Solis
Joel Borges ... Roberto

Here's are some pictures of the actor and actress. I couldn't find picture of Augusto.

Beatriz, Silvia, Francisco and Margarita

Okay you all.. If you like this telenovela, watch it on NTV7 everyday except weekends at 11.30AM. *grinned*


핑크색의 여인 said...

luv scarlet ortiz....cumelll~

Miss Vamp said...

luv her bf..stylo..hehe

Anonymous said...

does anyone know the song title masa beatriz & fransisco nyer scene kat carribean tu... best giler lagu tu...

dieya said...

hi miss vamp, i'm a huge mis tres hermanas fan too!
just wanna tell you about Malaysia Mis Tres Hermanas Fan Site that i made many years ago when the series first aired. it has daily episode summaries, vids, pics etc. here's the link:
i think you'll like it ;-)

Miss Vamp said...

dieya:'s an old story but still xpuas tgk..hehe.thanks 4 da link.i appreciate it =)