Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ugly Truth

It's not a story. It's a fact. There must be misunderstanding in a relationship. Any relationship. Between family, friends or partner. This is about telling what we are supposed to tell especially if it involve someone else. There is no use of keeping it to yourself. If you are not satisfied with someone or that someone had done something wrong with you, you should tell them. You want to keep it to yourself? Sure, you can, only if that matter does not bother you. Or we always say, "Small matter jela..". If that's the case, it's up to you.

But there are some people, who are not satisfied with someone (sakit hati la), but did not tell the person. Let say A had done something wrong with B. B pon sakit hati and terluka. But, B keep it. Okay, if B keep it, that might be okay, but B tell other person about A's fault. Or if B had a blog, B post it out. Is it a good thing to do? If B sakit hati with A, should B involve someone else?

Situation 1:
A is a mother, B is a daughter. Should B expressed her anger to A through a blog? What others would say?

Situation 2:
A and B are friends. A had done something wrong. B tell the others by face to face or through blog. What would happen to A?

There is such situation in this real life. But if I were the one who read the blog, in both situation, I would blame B. Is it a good thing to humiliate others?

The truth hurt. But the truth is a good thing, right? And good thing does not always be easy. So it is better to hold the truth than lies. Thus, the solutions to situation 1 and 2 are:
  1. If you have problem with that person, say it. Express it face to face, by letter or any way you are comfortable with.
  2. Avoid involve others - unless you wanna get advises to solve the problem.
Those who right
  • tell it so it can be right to avoid the same mistakes.
  • tell it in a good way.
  • take the mistake as a lesson, don't repeat it.
Those who are wrong
  • be open. Accept the fact that you are wrong.
  • avoid repeating the same mistakes.
  • be sincere and appreciate the advises you get
Hey peeps! It's all about 'Give and Take'. If you hold your "sakit hati" for so long, can you live with that?? You will end up having an insincere relationship. Or worst, it can end up YOUR relationship with them. Hey, as long as we are human, we do make mistakes. If you are too ego and keep blaming them, don't be surprised if one day you will be the one who make the mistake. What goes around, comes around. It's allllllll about the karma.

Why would you "sesak otak" and "sakit hati" thinking about the matter, the problem or whatever it is? Just forgive and forget. Hey human, we are NOT perfect.

Tiba-tiba rase nak berceramah,
Miz Vamp


Gadis Imaginasi said...

what a NICE entry u have.haha!
tapi yela buat apa nak 'sesak otak' (apekah sesak otak itu?) dan sakit hati..kenyataan itu kdg2 menyakitkan tapi itulah kebenaran.wah-wah.hehe.

hey,kalau aku buat salah or sakitkan hati kaw.tegur aku tau.kita saling tegur menegur lah ye! hihi.

so sekarang aku nak tegur kaw. HAI! haha.tego lah tu kan? lol

Miss Vamp said...

tibe2 rse nk bcramah wlaupon ble aku bce smule mcm pelik2 jer ayat.haha

sesak otak 2 srabutkn kpale lar...huhu.ermm takat ni rse nyer xda.ko pon,klu aku de wt slh,tgur jela tau..

hai jugak..hehe