Wednesday, June 16, 2010

5D 4N

I went to Gombak last Thursday. We stayed there for 5D 4N.

Day 1:
That night we went to Pavillion. There's a Balloon Art Festival and we're strolling and cam-whoring, as always. The interesting part was there's a live band played outside the main entrance, near the fountain. Then, came this one black man who suddenly "performed" his weird dance. He's sweating but kept dancing for 3 songs, trying to get the attention from the audience I guess. Frankly, he is a terrible dancer. Those band played something salsa, Hotel California and Joget Pahang songs but that man dance the same step which I think, sorry to say, it is horrible and did not match any of the songs. But the things I like about him are his confidence and his energy. Just imagine, dancing by yourself for almost half an hour! All right. Next we go to KLCC and spent some time at Dataran Merdeka.

Day 2:
Around 9AM I think, we went to Titiwangsa. I'm a bit excited because Mak Ndak said that we could ride a horse there. But it's Friday, so there's no horse went we get there.huhu.(sad) So, we just hang out at the playground. Well, I had fun as I got to play the slide..*ngee* And do some exercise there. Before we head back, we stopped by and had some drinks and taking more picture. We go back at noon because the guys had to Solat Jumaat. After that, my family, Mak Ndak's family and Faris and Fahim went to IKEA at Damansara. My Mom actually wanted to meet her blogger's friends. The rest of us checked out every corner of IKEA - the interior design. Seriously, it was very smart, elegent, sweet, cute dan yang sewaktu dengannya. I would suggest you go and see it for yourself so that you can get some idea for your own house. I would go there to decorate my own house once I get married someday..huhu. Next, we 'visited' The Curve nearby just about half an hour. Before head back to Mak Ndak's house, we stopped by at Gombak Station and had our dinner. You should go there. It's quite cheap and the food is not bad. My suggestion, try the "Air Limau Asam Boi". You'll love it! Only then we go home. (We spent the whole day out.)

Day 3:
This day, I went out with my sister and my cousin. To accompany my sister met her Prince Charming actually. We're out around 10AM and as usual, we took Rapid KL. We went to Mid Valley and watched Shrek 3. Then I walked with my cousin and we had a great time together. It was fun and crazy spending time with her. The main reason I went out was to buy New Moon cd or dvd. And I was so thankful to be able to get it. It cost me about RM60. Expensive? Yup. But hey, I got a free button badges - Edward, Bella and Jacob. There's lesser than that - RM40, free New Moon poster. But I would prefer the badges.hehe. Ouh, at Mid Valley that day, there are 2 Toy Story's mascots, Woody and Buzz. They're there to promote the movie. Then we headed to Sogo and had our lunch there. That day, I don't know how much I laughed from the time I met her until we're in the Rapid again on the way back home. I almost went crazy. Thanks to my cousin. I love you, babe!

Day 4:
On this day, me, my parents, my sis n cousin and Mak Ndak and her son, we went to Gulati's around 11AM. Beli kain pasang untuk baju raya. This year, we're planning to wear something yellow plus orange. We went back after 3 hours. Not so much activity done besause we are supposed to go back home today, but me and my sis suggested that we go to Genting Highlands tomorrow.

Day 5:
After almost 15years, this is the day I got the chance to go there, again. Yup, we all go to Genting Highlands and reached at the theme park there almost noon. What a shocked. There were lots of people up there. Thousands of them. We're waited for Abang Long to buy the tickets for more than 1 hour. Not so many things I got to play. Huh, can't stand to line up all the way for a turn to play. But two things that I like the most are, first - I got to ride a Space Shot. It was AWESOME!!! I would consider it like a cliff jumping like Bella in New Moon. Space Shot is an adrenaline rush.

Second - I got the chance to hold Mr. Euww. At first when I saw it, spontaneously I said, "Nak pegang." Then, when I get closer, I don't think I have the guts to hold it. But then, I thought of my Sayang, Gadis Imaginasi and I think I am confidence and brave enough to hold it. It was an experience of a lifetime to me. That guy ask me to touch the skin. Ok, it felt nothing. I mean, I don't felt the scales. Then I ask Aiman to join me hold it. I hold the head and the tail. Then I felt the scales as the tail fall down.

After 2 shots of photo, I tried to act brave and pose for more shots. I took the head near my face and tried to kiss it. But then I saw the tongue and that's when "kegelian berada di tahap kritikal". Seriously, I felt like it got near me and I felt the scales even more when it's moving. I called that guy to take it back but I think he didn't hear my voice. There's this one other guy smiling, almost laughing at my reaction. I almost shout when I called that guy to take away Mr. Euww from me. Okay, that's enough for me. I think this will be the first and the last time I hold it.

Then we played some more things and took MORE photos. We go back around 7PM and stopped by at gas station to had our dinner at the cafe there. I am so, very hungry that time because we didn't had our lunch. Just having some snack when we're up there. We arrived home when it almost 10PM. What a day.

p/s: I'll upload the pictures later.

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Gadis Imaginasi said...

HAHA! lawak ko nii.pegang ular pun sampai camtu..ngee.tapi sumpah! jelous gilerrr~ huuu.bile laa aku blh jmpe dgn hewann ituu. T_T

tapi tapi tapi, terharu ko blh teringat kat aku.wiii.meh nak pelok skett. ngahaha!!! \(^.^)/