Friday, October 1, 2010

Garden Party

Now I got the time to update my blog. I've been quite busy lately with my assignments, tests and lots more. And still have some more project to do before the upcoming final examination. However, I got some time to catch up my breathe.huhu.. Current and some preview of my upcoming agenda:-

Today - just finished my 2nd statistic test
this weekend - MUET seminar
October 6 - test Algebra
October 10 - test Ordinary Differential Equation(ODE)
October 12 - MUET (speaking test)
October 16->24 - Revision week before final. (planning to go back home.ngee~~)

=.=" Okay, enough with the heavy. Not in the mood to type. Just let all of this pictures do the talking about my dinner last week. (^_*)

~~Welcome~~ ^_^

5 of us. My besties here. Luv you gurls... You gurlz ROCK!!

Food on our table.hehe (^^)

Let's EAT!!! ''\(^_^)/"

A small souvenirs that we got. Thanks Manatics =)

King and Queen of The Nite *wink*

Geng Mop. *bila dah bosan*

With my housemates, same course.

My classmates

With the lecturers



Gadis Imaginasi said...

NICE! menyerlah gile ko malam tu. hahaha. aku nampak blue blue jee. xp

Miss Vamp said...

mnyerlah la sgttt...haha
hey,blue my color kot.
mata 2 ade ltak prple ckit tp xnmpk.huhu
rmbut mber aku 2,aku yg wt tau...hebat x??haha

Ummi said...

Waaaah're so sweet in blue...All photos taken look so wonderful and you're surely had so much fun and tempting foods too! Hehe..Love n miss u kngah!

Miss Vamp said...

sweet ke??hehe...tq mak..we had 2 hve fun klu x,mereng..with all those presentation,projects n lots more..3 days b4 dnner tungkus lumus siapkn slide tuk presentation sbb nk present isnin pas dinner tu..nsb bek ptg tu siap.huhu..luv n miz u 2 mak...<3