Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Miss and Hate

I miss talking on the phone every night before sleep
I miss texting while I'm bored
I miss telling about my daily life
I miss arguing when there's nothing to do
I miss missing when being apart
I miss sharing everything in life
I miss laughing even for a stupid jokes
I miss being "you're mine"
I miss remembering special dates
I miss being two than one
I miss switching songs
I miss feeling full than empty
I miss everything even there's none anymore....

I hate when it:
Feels like I'm missing someone but I don't know who
Feels like I need something but I don't know what
Feels like going somewhere but I don't know where
Feels like I'm sick when I'm all fine
Feels like it's all messed up even though it's fine
Feels like I'm happy but I'm not
Feels like I have it when I don't

Miz Vamp

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