Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fever A Week

It's been almost a week I hadn't been in front of my lappy. It's not because I'm busy with study, but because of something else. After 2days arrived here, on the third day(Wednesday) I wasn't feeling so well. When I woke up that morning, I know that feeling. But I just ignored it. I went to classes as usual but when it almost afternoon, what I thought was true. I had a fever, AGAIN.littlekittyemoticon I took my last medicine that I got after lunch, have a rest, sweat a little bit and I felt fine to go for next lecture. But it was temporary. The real fever sets in that evening. The worst fever.

The temperature rose that evening. I really felt weak. I asked my friend to accompany me to the same clinic. The doctor said that I had a low blood pressure that caused the dizziness and nausea. They said that if I came earlier, they might gave me some water dripping. So, they asked me to come again the next morning if the temperature remain the same.

Because of this, I couldn't came to class the whole day. There's also no one to go along with me to the clinic so I just stayed at home even though that morning my temperature hadn't dropped. My appetite?? Don't even talk about it. I'm tasteless. My taste bud stopped working.huhu. Oh. something happened for the first time that early morning. I went to the toilet about 6AM. When I'm on my way out to my room, suddenly my eyes filled with black spot. MSN Onion EmoticonI was about to pass out but I hold myself, used my very last strengths, and walked wobbly to my room and lie down on the bed. My first experience of almost-pass-out.bhahah.

Third day (Friday), I felt a little better than yesterday so, I went to the clinic by myself since I'm able to drive. The doctor checked my blood pressure - still low. So, I had to have that water drip. That was my first time so honestly, I'm quite scared given that I'm alone. I hate going to the clinic all by myself or with anyone else except my Dad. He's been the one who always accompanied me before so I kinda missed and needed him a lot that time. Anyway, thanked God that it only hurt a little.hehehe Here's my hand and the look.

a bit blur because I used my left hand.COOL huh?

Forth day (Saturday), I had to attend this stupid MODUL. This one, I can't skipped. If not, I had to repeat next semester which a NO-NO. So, although I'm not very well, I still went there. But I'm not very energetic.hahah. Just do what I could.

Fifth day ( Sunday), I was supposed to go to my sports day. Jersey and everything was already done. But, because of this fever, I was the one who was left out and missed all the fun. I was so very jealous looking at their pictures. URGHHHHH. I HATE IT.whitekittenemoticon

Sixth day (Monday), there's a test today. Since I'm not very well, another day at home. I did went to the clinic to check and asked about my blood test result and also asked for MC. That night I ate cockles(kerang) which Tya bought for me. She said that it can increase my blood. She went all over to Kuala Perlis to buy that for me. huhu..Thank you so much darling...hehe.kittengreyemoticon

Seventh day (Tuesday), because of Maulidur Rasul, I had to really recover myself. My appetite had increase which made my parents happier - I could hear their happiness through the phone. But we filled today with our finance project.

That's all my 7days not in front of my lappy...hehee


Ummi said...

Salam kngah...waaah tengok tangan kngah kena drip tu...huhu...my tears rolling down...cannot imagine how your feeling at that time, without us around...huhuu... Alhamdulillah, at last, you're recoverd, even too slow...we're happy for you dear! Don't forget with my messages to you this morning...take your blood result at the previous clinic and go for another test at Polyclinic nearby, just to confirm your blood platelet is back to normal k..must go! ^__^ muaaahhh! Love and miss you so much (*regret to know you've to go through everything by yourself...huhu..how we wish to be there)

Miss Vamp said...

wasalam....haah lmbt giler dmam nk baik..xpe,xyh susah2 nk dtg cni,bkn msuk spital pon..ye makkkkk.dh byk kx mak ckp bnde same,nnt kngah g laaa. Love n miss u 2..

Gadis Imaginasi said...

najwa! apsal teruk sgt demam kauuu??? gahhh. kenape aku lambat gile-nak-mati tau psl kau niiiii!!! >.< huu. tibetibe aku sebak tgk tgn kau camtuu. wuwuwuwuw~ apelaa kauu!

keep healthy my dear friend!
take a very very very gud ( i do mean A VERY GOOD) care of yourself!! (ok tibetibe aku ter-emo. huu) ;p

Miss Vamp said...

GI: aku almost kne denggi.hehe..Lmbt la sbb ko bz, xon9 sgt,aku pham lar..tgn tu de ksan drah sbb aku amik drh dlu,baru masuk air..cool giler aku tgk gmbr tuh sbb xpnah pon kne bnde2 g2..best gak.hehe

I'm better now, dun worry la syg..hehe.ko tu pon jga diri jgak..