Friday, February 4, 2011

Hide your Cigarette

This time I wanted to share some tips for you. It’s suitable for smokers whose their parents didn’t know that they are smoking and for hostel’s students. I know it’s crazy and weird but yes. I will tell you some tips.

1. Hide the cigarettes in between your clothes in your wardrobe.

2. Wrap it with plastic and put it in the flush – never in the toilet bowl!

3. If you're smoking outside your house, just grasp some leaves on the way back to get rid of the smell at your hands.

4. If you want to use tip No.2 but the flush seems so obvious, tied the plastic with a rock at the other end and throw it in the pond.

5. Chew a chewing gum or have some strong flavoured sweets to reduce or get rid of the bad breathe.

6. Hide the cigarettes when the clothes are on the clothesline.

7. It is stupid but, hid it in your underwear.bhahahaOnion Icons

Okay, I think seven are enough. Good luck guys. Thanks to Mr.Bad for sharing these tips and your experiences.

P/s: Onion Iconssmoking are BAD for health.


Ummi said...

Weeeeyyyyyyy....huk alaaahhh...hope my boys didn't hide anything from me..huhuuu

Miss Vamp said...

insyaAllah x...:)