Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Assalamualaikum, peeps!

Okay, I'll make it short. It's just a review of what had happened, are happening and about to happen.

This week:-
- listening test for Mandarin at 11AM
- Forecasting test at 3.30PM
- Finance test at 8PM (but had been canceled to undecided date.*sigh* Thanked God!)

Thursday: Quiz for Mathematical Economics

Friday: supposed to be no class but there will be a replacement class.

Mandarin 'things'(test, quizzes and public speaking) will be held every Wednesday before Week 15.

Next weekend I will be going for a trip to Kedah. I've been counting the days since I can't go back. So, this will be a good thing. I think.

Econometrics project which I haven't start anything yet, need to be submit within two weeks.

Mandarin drama need to be submit at Week 15. Still way out of sight. We still didn't discuss the storyline, the dialogue and so forth.

Last Friday supposed to have an Econometrics Lab Test but had been canceled. Replacement test, still not decided yet.

ARGHHHH!!! There are LOTS to do! MSN Onion Emoticon Set

Starting next week until before final examination, it's going to be a C-R-A-Z-Y week for me and my friends...
Hello Mr. Tests and Mrs. Quizzes.Onion Icon

Goodbye to my sweet, loving, understanding, love. Onion IconsDon't worry. We have to be apart. It just for a while and it's for my future. I really hope that you will understand. But don't worry, love. We will meet again soon. It just the matter of time. Later, I will give all my time just for you my love...
my Mr. REST.heheheMSN Onion Icons

That's all, peeps. Okay, it's not short at all..bhahahhacrabemoticon

Peace out, no war. Please pray the best for me...


Ummi said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhh bz nya k.ngah..kitaorg baru rancang nak pi Arau school holiday ni...starting 12 - 14 Mac nak tdo kat eks..sian lak..mak andak, tok n tokki n mak adik pun nak ikut, nak jalan2 ke Pdg Besar...hehe

Miss Vamp said...

haah la giler..byk bnde nk kne submit..xpe la..dtg jelaa..klu mak ngn yg lain jadi dtg, kngah xg la trip tu nnt =)

kt Arau pon ade hotel baru buka dekat area CMart..klu dh knfem, nk kngah tlg booking hotel tu btau la..sbb dkt area cmart byk sikit kedai makan...

NaEl said...

hehehhe makkk, datang lah Arau, boleh singgah Shah Alam. hehehes :p :p

Miss Vamp said...

sggh s.alam wtpe...xbest =p