Sunday, March 13, 2011

They're here!!!

I’m taking a break for a while after forcing my brain to analyze my econometric’s data and make a report about the output. Ouh, they are torturing me. It’s killing me since my data were hard to be analyzed. The output was confusing-which one should be dropped to get the best model. Onion Emoticon Set Crazy huh? And it’s crazier talking about it, make it as an introduction which you guys don’t understand a thing about it.hahahha.

Okay, I just wanted to scribble few things. THEY'RE HERE!!! Who??

They arrived safely around 6PM here and I took them for a 'cendol' at my usual place, Fatin's Corner. Currently I'm at hotel, with them - my parents, Aiman, my grandparents, Mak Adik and Mak Ndak’s family. MSN Onion IconsThey're staying here for 2 nights but I can only stayed one night with them since tomorrow I had to go to the trip that I told before. I’m sorry for not be able to stay longer with you guys. *padahal they all datang to see me besides going to Padang Besar*.

Ok, gotta go now. Need to iron the ‘baju kurung’.
Oh, some of us had chicken chop for dinner. YUMMYLICIOUS!
Will tell about the trip later.Onion Emoticons


Ummi said...

Yuhuuuuu....x puas la jumpa kngah..hehe...xpa laa...nnt kngah pun nak balik kan...cuma sonok masa kat hotel...thanks for taking us to that cendul pulut the laksa perlis...adeeii...teringat2 lgk...hehe....will come again...

Miss Vamp said...

kngah pun xpuas..g trip tu, asyik t'igt2 jer kt mak abah sume..rase mcm de bnde xlgkap..huhu

nk tggu blik tu,lmbt lg..huhu.

orite,, nnt dtg la lg..nxt time, hrap2 kngah xda pape. =)