Tuesday, December 8, 2009

HaSraT tErcApai

Mission accomplish! What mission?? haha..more to "hasrat" actually. Today, i watched it again. *grinned* This is the second time i watched New Moon. I had done something that i've never done it before..First thing, of course watched the same movie, twice. Second, i went there alone. Surprised hah? This is what we called "buang tebiat".. Actually, I've always wanted to go for a movie alone..Something cool to try i guessed. At first, i met Diba with her brother at library. During lunch time, we make a move to Megamall. Then i went to buy the ticket while Diba went to McD to grab something for her stomach.haha..Ok, enough about that. I better write about the other before the words and the points fly away..

This is the part when i'm in the cinema. After taking some photos with Diba, as usual, i walked quickly since i still have about 10 minutes before the movie start. I don't want to miss the beginning.. I bought the largest popcorn combo. Well, I'm not going to talk about the story, but about what happened in the cinema. Something that really annoyed me. During the beginning of the story, these 3 girls besides me, very annoyed. They chatted and giggle like "what's sooo funny??". Then, after about half an hour, there's this two men. Their phone always ringing every 10 minutes. URGHH!! I felt like i want to strangle them. Sometimes they talked with each other quite loud that i can hear. Well, maybe because they just 2 seats next to me. One of them sometimes went out to talk, but HELLO! I cant still hear you, you stupid ! My seat B14, near the entry, but i know the others who 10 seats next to me can heard him too. They seem not interested with the movie. Then, what the hell are you doing in there?!! Soo disturbing! I hate them especially those men. I'm watching my favourite movie but there's people who drive me mad! *sigh* What a day..

Well, i've planned to put some pictures, but i still haven't edit them yet. So, i will put it later. Before i stop, just want to tell, Edward Cullen aka Robert Thomas Pattinson, I adore you a lot! (",) And Taylor Lautner, you great too.

p/s: not today.. After typed, it's already the next day.So, it will be yesterday.

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