Monday, December 7, 2009

Hard work + Pay off

Finally, i managed to get it done.. Last night I worked on my music..(sigh) I hate doing it. I have to wait and listen for the song to know whether it's broken or not..And today, I've done with my header picture..It's about try and error (not to mention the time it takes) to do it. And LOTS of patience. huhu (forget about it)

I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Twilight stuffs.OMG... The cast and the stories was amazing!! I could spend a lot of time in front of my "Lappy" searching for Twilight stuffs - not just the actor's photo but also their videos and news. It's kind of my obsession right now.. *grinned* Couple of weeks ago, I borrowed Timah's book - Twilight and New Moon. I also went out with my girls to watch New Moon at ECM few days ago. But i can't get enough. I want to watch it again!! Twilight's movie, great. It almost the same with the book. But New Moon (sigh), a bit frustrated with the movie. There's a lot of wonderful moments in the book but not played in the movie. There's also kinda stupid but funny - Bella run with Edward, that honestly, i don't really like that part. Sooo lame..And i don't know why i keep asking Diba that time, "Is this the end?" when i watched it because that time i don't know the ending since i haven't read the book yet. Diba already watched it before going with us and she said the ending "mengong" and irritating, sure will get mad after watched. That's why i keep asking her few times, i don't know during which part, but i only remember i asked when Bella jumped off the cliff. I thought that's the end..Luckily it wasn't.Well, i'm not really mad but a bit frustrating because i'm not satisfied. I can't wait to watch Eclipse.

I want to borrow Eclipse and Breaking Dawn with Timah soon. The first thing after i got my PTPTN loan, i want to get my own books. Twilight's books actually.. *grinned*(^__^) I started to fell in love deeply with this stories after watched Edward's eyes..The way he looked to be exact.Oh God..So DAMN gorgeous! Hot! And melt my heart..wallaa...hahaha (t'over). Maybe, i want to watch it again........tomorrow?? Depends. But that's my plan. I told Diba, she said,"..For Edward anything can eh.."hahaha..Actually, not just because of him.He is a part of the reason (^__^) but the other part because it's not enough watched it just once. I want to remember the WHOLE story. Ok, that's all for now i guess..

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