Sunday, December 6, 2009

nEw uSer

I just created this blog..I always wanted my own blog before, but I don't have time to 'built' it..n thinking bout the time i have to spend on it, i hold it. Tapi skrg tgh cuti sem, so i've decided to do it. Now that i have nothing to do, so I've created this blog besides spending soooooooo much time at fb..before this, during semester break, I'm always texting n chatting..Now, I juz want to keep myself bz from thinking bout......hermm..It's not that I'm not thinking bout 'it' at all, but at least, I won't have a depression..kinda. But, when the new semester starts, I don't think I have time to update my blog. However, I will try to steal some time for my blog.

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