Friday, January 1, 2010

HaPpy nEw yEaR

First of all I would like to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It's already 2010. For those who born on 1990,it's the end of your teen world. No longer 'Dunia Belasan Tahun', welcome to 'Dunia 20-an'. hehe..

I have done packing my luggage and stuffs. What's left to do is to put them in the car. I'll do it later. Want to write some stuff first.hehe.. Gotta steal some times.. Well, I'll be gone and might not be able to 'blogging' for quite some times after this. Depends whether there is wifi or not there. I hope they have it there..huhu. I'll try to update my story, my life and my feeling when I'm away from home. Me and my parents will stay at my aunt's house at Gombak and tomorrow we'll go to Perlis.. *sigh* sooooooooooooo far....

Azam tahun ni ape?? Well, not so high and not soo much. I'll try to be a better person for myself, my family and my friends. I'll try to do my very best in my study for my MOM and my DAD. I love you guys soooooooo MUCH!!!! Thanks for all your support and what you had sacrifice for me.. Your time... And your money.. I'll try my best.. Thanks again...
Mak, jangan nangis2 tau...
Mom, Dad, take care of your health okay.... I love you so damn much!! MUAHH. OK, gotta go now..

Atiq, see you there!! Ko memang terbaik la!

Sad, nervous, scared but excited
Miz Vamp