Monday, January 18, 2010

PaDanG bEsaR - sHopPiNg TimE

Last Saturday, I went to Padang Besar with Atiq and two of my new friends - Tia and Ika. Even though me and Atiq just went out on Friday to Kangar, we still want to go.hehe.. We decided to go there since our MODUL that day ended earlier than we expected. I called my mom and asked for her permission, thanked god, she approved. Thank you mom! We took a taxi that cost RM30 for one way. The journey took about half an hour and we passed through the Sugarcane Farm. According to Tia, it was the biggest farm in Malaysia. *if I'm not mistaken* It's so true... If someone stuck in the middle of the farm, I don't know how long will it take for them to find their way out. Then there also a huge, dusty cement factory. We reached there at 1PM I think.huhu... Then we find a place to eat and fill up the energy that we might need later. LOL. I ate Kuey Teow Kungfu and ABC. The food was hot and SPICY. Atiq ordered Tom Yam, Tia - Nasi Goreng Kampung and Ika - Nasi USA. Atiq and Tia said that their food also spicy especially Tia. Very spicy that she couldn't finished it. Then there was something funny happened. We heard bollywood songs and when we want to pay, I saw Kaho Na Pyar Hai was played. But with thailand's voice. I repeat, THAILAND's voice. LOL. And we couldn't helped ourselves from laughing.haha..

We start our 'mission' around 2 o'clock. I called my mom and asked her what she wants. I called all my family actually.hehe.. But one person I forgot, my lil' brother, Aiman.
Sorry Aiman, K.ngah betol2 xingat awk..huhu. Nnti g, K.ngah beli ea.. I really forgot about him.huhu.. After spending almost 3 hours non-stop, and went to almost all shops searching for mana yang berkenan di hati, I managed to buy all. Mission accomplished! A nice, beautiful bag for my mom and Mak Ndak, short pants for my dad he asked for it, blouse and purse for Najiha, Abg Long nothing because he doesn't want anything and for me - t-shirt, blouse, pijama and shoes. *grinned* (^_^) Me and Atiq spent the day together. Poor Tia and Ika because they had to wait for us since they only bought few things. sorry girls.huhu..can't help myself. Me and Atiq need more time because we not only bought for us, but also for our family.
Me and Atiq, taken by Tia. I don't know what we're actually doing that time. And I don't know when this picture was taken. She showed to me on the way back..huhu

We went back by the same taxi and felt very very very tired. Here's calculation that I wanted to share:
Padang Besar + (shopping X best) = sakit kaki + 'donate' money

Nice right? hahaha. Ok, that's all I think.. Tomorrow my class suppose to be at 8 o'clock but that class had been canceled. So, my class start at 10AM. That's why I'm spending this inappropriate time to update my blog since the line quite good.hehe..Till then,

Bored and hungry,
Miz Vam

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