Friday, January 15, 2010

NiCe cAfe, NiCe pRicE, nIcE aPpeTitE

Last 2 nights I ate at the cafeteria here. I like the cafe. It was much better than before. The first time I stepped in, I just like "WOAHH....". It was beautiful and well-decorated. Before this, I bought my lunch at Damai or Mushroom and my dinner at the place where I called "Cafe Atas". Last Saturday if I'm not mistaken was the first time I went to the cafe. Since then, I always went here for lunch. The food not bad and with reasonable price..So, here's the cafe...

It looks like food court in the shopping mall, right? I like it. What I like most was the lamps hang on top that looked like lanterns.

And this what I ate. As usual, Nasi Pataya and what I wanted all this while, ABC. *grinned* (^_^). Both not bad.. I like the ABC. They put brown sugar syrup. At first I thought they pour chocolate..hehe. Never mind, still yummy to me.. *thumb up* And one more thing, I ate Pau Ayam too..hehe. *grinned*

p/s: sori about the ABC. I ate first then I remembered to get some pics for my blog..hehe. To eager to eat the yummy cold thing..hehe

Atiq my classmate, roomate, 'friendmate' was finishing her ABC.. We both like to eat.hehe

And this is me..... (*__^)/"
Well, I said I wanted to lose some weight, right? Or here, I might lose some weight because of the room that high and the classes that are far.. Well, I guessed I was wrong. I think I don't lose any weight, instead I gain more.. LOL. How that happened?? It was because of the food here that melt me down and attract me to eat more..huhu.. *blame the food yang tak bersalah..huhu* My jeans, before this was lose enough for me. Now, it fit just right. Tight at the butt and my thigh.So, just imagined with the jeans that fit just right before, now?? It became tight.. OMG. What should I do?? Wasn't my fault.. oh yeah. Blame my weird appetite. LOL. Now, I think I want to cut my appetite a bit. HAVE to do so if I still want to fit into my clothes..huhu.

Mom, Dad, I miss you guys... Love you all.. MUAH.

Di belenggu masalah makan banyak,
Miz Vamp


핑크색의 여인 said...

cafe ini sngat besh...
ssuai tuk date,he3...=)

Miss Vamp said...

hehe..tau xpe...cntik kn?