Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 6 at cAmpUs

It's almost a week since I've been here.. First day of study (2nd day I'm here) was so tiring. Class at 8AM but me and Atiq doesn't know where's the class. The block.. OMG... So we followed some of the girls from our class that we knew. It's far.. It's tiring.. *sigh* This semester we got 7 subjects. More than before.. Well here got a place called Mushroom. Kinda funny when I heard the name for the first time. It's the place where we can find food, internet, books, ATM and phone stuff especially topup. So we don't have to go outing so much because we kinda have everything here. Lagipon susah mau outing maa..leceh..huhu. I'm still trying to adapt this new environment.. New people.. New way of life.. New trends. At first I don't like here because for me it's far to go to classes as my college a.k.a. my room was situated at the "backyard". But after almost a week, it's not that far. But still tiring. Then, the most thing that I'm still trying to deal with is the water CRISIS. As I mentioned, my room was at level 4, so the water pressure caused the water crisis.huhu.. But I already have the solutions.hehe..

Today... It's so embarrassing as me and few of my friends couldn't find the class. It's not that embarrass actually because no one were laughing at us because they didn't know except we laughed with each others (me and my friends that were lost). Have I mentioned that the block here kinda confusing?? So, it's totally not our fault. Blame the not well-planned building positions.. DUSH!. But we arrived at the class together with the lecturer so it means that we're not late, right?? Among all the subjects, I think I'm gonna have a problems with.... As usual, Calculus. The problems started to come out. But I'll try to deal with it.

Well... Life is complicated. But I hope it's not for long. Some changes are good, but some are.... *sigh* But you still have to keep on since the day you choose the path. Life is not a life if there were no variation in it. So, try to live a happy life because we just live for once. Get what you want when there's chances. Say what you want with people that you want them to hear. (good things only okay...) Try to make myself better with the positive thinking..huhu.

It's better you lose it after get it done then lose it WITHOUT do nothing.

Missing the old ones,
Miz Vamp

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