Saturday, February 20, 2010


Urghh.... Tonight I'll be off to my campus. *sighed* Rasa macam baru je duduk rumah. Still not enough. My bus at 9PM and there's about urmmm 4 hours left. I don't know when will I come back. Maybe when semester break. Oh my... It will be 2 months away from now. And when I come back to campus, there will be a lot of assignments need to be send and tests and quizzes to be sit. What to do... That's a life of a university student. A commitment need to be taken. I'll do my best.. Try to study hard.

What I did I do this whole semester break?? be honest, not so much. out with my BFF....that's all. Before the last day, only then I do my homework. To find the philosophy's articles, but still couldn't find it. Honestly, I don't really understand about what my lecturer wants. What kind of article he wants that related to the given topic..huhu. Ok, that's all I think. Got to go.. I'm gonna miss you, blog..hehe =p

Sad n lazy to go back
Miz Vamp

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