Friday, February 19, 2010

+ dReaM but - mOnEy

I went out with my BFF yesterday. We went to Megamall first, then to Cherating. (^_^) Well, I'm not gonna talk about Cherating because it was always great spending time with my BFF (as usual) and my BFF's BF. Ok, at first I was with Gadis Imaginasi and we went to Popular Bookstore to find what I wanted while waiting for the 'BF' and Miss Butterfly. Finally.... *sighed* After sometime searching for the one, at last I got it. I found it. YESSSS!!! I was so happy and excited. The moment I walked in Popular, my eyes spotted the "things" and my legs automatically went toward it. "I got you, baby!" Then my hands just grab them and checked whether there's any damaged on them. After few minutes, I took 4 of them, taking them to the cashier. Gadis Imaginasi just like "Are you serious to buy all of them?" and gave her astonish looks. And I just said yes. When I saw them, I can't think of anything except I was too eager to own them. Only then I realized, and I can't believe in myself either that I am willing to buy all of them and pay for it. I've never done such thing. Not for reading materials. But these are not just any regular reading material (not to me of course), they are very precious to me. They are the Twilight's Series!! OMG. I just wish I had more budget so that I can buy the RM300++ one. *sighed* But hey, I should be thankful for what I got right? And these are not so bad. Anyway, when I reached home, I quickly asked my lil brother, where's the book's wrapper. Then, I wrapped them so that I can keep the cover to be clean. And my mom kinda supported me and she's also surprised with my deep interest of Twilight.

My dream and what I wanted that cost more that RM150.*grinned*

I'm proud that I finally have my own series of Twilight. My obsession. (^_*)/" peace. I am glad to own them even have to 'minus' the money...huhu

excited and happy,
Miz Vamp


Gadis Imaginasi said...

serious aku ade seorg mmbe yang gile!!
aaaaa tolonggggg. tapi stil syg mmbe aku yang gile. muahahaha! njoy berimaginasi ttg edward! agagaga. ;p

Miss Vamp said...

hahaha...dan aku semakin sukar melepaskn edward..huhu.dan menjadi semakin gile...tahan jela ekk..