Tuesday, February 16, 2010

oTw + cuTeY + LovEbiRdS

---->>>>> When in the bus on the way to KL...

Here is the new princess born on January 15 2010.

Isn't she's cute and adorable?? (^_^) Her name ~ Nur Irdina.

And this are the "love birds" that me and my brother had to keep an eye, last Sunday.
Hurmm... I wonder who's that.... (T_T)?

They're too busy and didn't noticed that they'd been 'watched'..huahuahua

After diteropong... ouh... It's them.... =p (^_*)/"

And while waiting for the guys to perform their 'solat', me and my sister........jeng jeng jeng

This is me... *grinned* (^_^)

bored and nothing to do,
Miz Vamp

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