Tuesday, February 2, 2010

tRiP tO LanGkAwi

Finally, I got the chance to write about the trip.hehe.. Well, last friday, January 29, I went for a trip to Langkawi. My guy's friends a.k.a. my classmates organized the trip. After thinking, and get my mom's permission, so there I go.. =). Here's the story:-

29 Jan
We move from UiTM around 3PM. We reached the jetty at 4PM and 20 minutes later the ferry leave the jetty. The journey to Langkawi took about an hour. Camwhore... and posing in the ferry as usual to fill the free time.. We rent a van so it will be easier for 12 of us to move together. 6.30 PM we arrived at Charlie Motel, Pulau Tengah. The room...erkkk... =.= not so much to be proud of.huhu.. The price for one night if I'm not mistaken, about RM85. After checked in, resting for a while and get ourselves clean, we went out at 8PM for dinner. Jalan-jalan...lepak-lepak....penuh kan memori camera Yatie.. :) We walked along the shop and entered almost all of it. Just checking out for something that might get our attention. Then we went back to our motel around 1AM and lepak-lepak tepi pantai played some unfair game. ;-> 2AM, went back to our room, sleep..

30 Jan
I woke up early, took a bath and perform Subuh, just me, all by myself, stroll along the beach. It was quite dark even that time already 7AM. But it was very peaceful. I like the scenery at that time. 8AM I went to my room and waited for the others to get prepared. 9.30AM looking for breakfast. Then we went to Beras Terbakar, another jalan-jalan and we bought the same t-shirt. Some of us bought 'kain batik' for their mom and some souvenirs. It was so hot that day. Felt like the sun really on top of our head. Then 1 o'clock we went back. After Zohor, around 2PM we took a boat package to round the island. The package only took us to 3 places. That was the first time I'm on such boat and it was so much fun!

First we went to Pulau Dayang Bunting. There's a pond that got ikan keli in it. We put our foot in it but the fishes won't bite. I can't stand it. Sangat-sangat geli kena misai ikan. Fahmi asked me to try put my foot but I kept screaming *ignore the others*, takut and geli. He just laughed at me. (*_*)" That was so crazy..huhu. While waiting for our boat, we hang out and took more pictures. Then I heard one of our friends, Bashah, his handphone was stolen but the stupid beruk. We tried to get back but the beruk ran and climb up the tree. Bad monkey!

Then the boat 'driver' took us to a place where got eagles. I thought we could feed them but unfortunately, we only can watch them. We watched the eagles for about 20 minutes, then the last destination was I don't know what it called, but that's the place where we do crazy things and have fun. We swam and tanam Fahmi in the sand.haha :D We went back when it almost 7PM. Get ourselves clean then went out again for dinner at 8.15PM. Then went to pekan Kuah and bought some chocolates. Most of the stores already close because we arrived almost 10PM. We also went to the place where got the big eagle and hang out there. More pictures and memories were taken. So much fun. Time to go back but we stopped at this stall, the guys want some drinks but most of us already sleepy and tired. Sleep at 1.30AM.

31 Jan
This day, most of us woke up late because of last night. Except me, I still spend some times at the beach early in the morning. Last day lorh...huhu.. At 9.15AM, we checked out after took some pictures. Went for breakfast .. Then we took a walk, and bought more chocolates because last night we don't have enough time to buy. Then we go to ride a cable car. There were lots of people there and it was so HOT. But the view when we in there, was beautiful. It was cold when we at the bridge. The wind just like air-cond, cold, fresh and nice. Then, we went to McD for lunch and spent the last few hours wandering around in the mall before we went to the jetty at 4.30PM because our ferry was at 5.30PM. Luckily there's still got tickets for us. If not, we might have to go back on Monday.huhu... It was tiring. I think because of the climate that hot and we don't have enough time to rest. We reached jetty Kuala Perlis at 6.30PM and I reached at my room 7.30PM.

p/s: pictures will be upload later..maybe during my mid-sem break.

My body was in pain...sore throat.. headache...almost got fever.
The saddest part, most of our chocolates melting because
we bought it early and put in the van while went out for lunch.
But overall, I had a great time there with my new friends.
Thanks and luv ya'll

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