Sunday, April 18, 2010

fiNaL eXaM sEm 2

Today's lunch (actually for breakfast) is Nasi Goreng Sardin cooked by my lovely Mom. Uhh.. I really like it. It sooooo delicious. Wanna try it?? hehe, Come to my house.. *grinned* thumbs up Mom...

Thanks mom. You're the best!!!

Ok, tonight, as usual, I'll be back home..Not home actually, back to my college..huhu

Sooo sad...But I have a 'fight' to battle. Yup. I got final semester examination to do. Pray for me so that I can do it well and get a flying colours.huhu.. Ok then, here's the big date:-

21 April - ECO (economic)
22 April - CTU (Agama) n MGT (management)
30 April - PHI (Philosophy of Science)
5 May - Algebra
7 May - Calculus a.k.a Killer paper.

Ok, till now.. I got to study... There's a lot of things to read....
To mr. Sengal, thanks for last night conversation..
You make me happy... and you cheer me up.
Wish you'll get the best in you results too =)

Pray for my exam..huhu,
Miz Vamp

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