Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gelora Di Hati Sara (GDHS)

I just watched my fav drama. Uhhh I really, really like that drama! Now there is season two. ohh yeaahhh! Something I thought will never have.

Actually, I didn't really follow the first one because I got no free time due to my study, of course. To be exact, because I've got no "tivi" there..huhu. And the worst part is that, I didn't had a chance to watch the last episode.DAMN! (ps: does anyone have that episode? Or all of the episodes of GDHS 1? That will be much better.*grinned*)

Okay, why don't we recall the first season (according to my lack of memory power). Do tell me if I am wrong. The story is about Asnol had secretly married to Sara, a lawyer when they're in overseas. Only Sara's family knew about their marriage. Sometimes Asnol will make excuses to his parents that he's out meeting his friends, but the truth is that he was sleeping with her secret wife. Then, Sara got a job but she didn't know that it was Asnol's family's company. When Asnol knew that Sara will be the company's lawyer, he was a bit shocked and they had to be professional, acting like they don't know each other. There's a few times when no one's around, Asnol tried to get close to Sara in the office. Sara wants Asnol to tell his parents about their marriage but Asnol always giving excuses saying that he will when the time is right. Things getting complicated when Asnol's father fell in love with Sara after always working together about the company's case. Then, not knowing the truth, Asnol's parents want him to marry Rina because they thought it's time for Asnol to settle down. Because Asnol's mother was sick and Sara was the closest to the family, she had to be the one who "meminang" Rina for Asnol. Can you imagine that?? She had to ask someone's hand for her OWN husband. Asnol had to because he was worried about his mother's health. The first night that he was supposed to spend with Rina, Asnol went to Sara's house. Asnol did not love Rina so, more excuses were given by Asnol to his new wife so that he can spend time with Sara. That's all.

Well, this story did remind me to someone that time. But I don't wanna think about it. In the second season, there will be more actions. And more emotions will be expresses by you, watcher.hehe.. I watched on youtube the soundtrack of the drama, Ku Di Sini, and I almost cried watching some of the scene. So, if you like this drama, do watch it on TV2 every Wednesday, 9.30PM. Seriously, this drama is amazing!! Trust me.
excited about the GDHS,
but overall,

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