Sunday, May 9, 2010

MixEd buT nOt mAtcH

My eyes hurt, for crying sooo much. My head hurt, for thinking about you sooo much. And my heart hurt, for loving you soo much. Today, just now...I let him go. This time for real. I hope. Mr. LO, I wish you know the truth inside me. I felt like I want to rip my heart out so you can feel what exactly I felt and see how bad you broke it. I don't wanna say what I said just now. I didn't mean it. It hard, it hurt, and it felt so bad to press the 'send' button. I can't hold it. The 'clear water drops' keep falling down. I don't have the strength to go through my each day without you. The feelings all mixed up..It keeps burning and churning inside me..

Remember you, is hurting.
Love you, is heart breaking.
Want you, is losing.

Forget, only make me remember more.
Hate, only make me love more.
Let go, only make me want you more.
I let you go.
If that's what you think
the best way...

Don't know what to do,
Miz Vamp


Gadis Imaginasi said...

ape yg belaku nii? huhu

Miss Vamp said...

hurmm i tell u mse jmpe nnt k..sdey..