Saturday, May 8, 2010

suKe nYer sAya

Last paper was very tough. To be honest, almost all of the questions I pakai hentam saja. I really hope I won't see that subject again next semester. Even though I think, I will...huhu. After last final paper, I had my lunch and packing a few more of my stuffs. About 3 o'clock, Nedy's friend, Azrai came. We asked for his help to borrow his car so that we can take our things to the rumah sewa. Ok, since my parents couldn't pick me up this semester break, I had to take care all by myself. I had to go 8 times up and down the stairs,from my room in level 4 to bring down all my things! lenguh and longgar lutut aku. Just imagine, by one Honda car, me and Nedy put all of our things together. Main sumbat je and that car dah macam tin sardin, which mean overload.haha.

I am worried about my ticket because Si N still didn't buy it. He kept postponed to buy it. Ok, you want to study, I totally get it. But I wanna go back!!! poor me.. ): Even when I'm done putting all of my things in the house, I still didn't get any answer about my ticket. N, sorry for keep troubling you with my ticket. But I hope you understand.huhu... I just stayed in the house and have a little cit-chatting with my new house mates. Ice breaking I supposed. They were okay and I think we can get along later. Around 6.30PM, Nedy called and told me to get ready to go to the BBQ at the guys' house. It wasn't my plan to go actually but since Nedy insisted me.

When I reached there, my classmates were having fun, laughing, eating and chatting. And I don't know why I felt very awkward with them as if I don't know any of them. Sorry guys! Si N wasn't there when I arrived. They said that he already went home, which I knew earlier. But then, he called me about the ticket. Rupa-rupanya he was at town, buying my ticket.. very considerable and responsible. Muchas grasias! I felt very relieved when I know I can go back.hehehe. So, here I am, reached my hometown around 8AM just now..

Goodbye final examination,
Hello semester break.
Goodbye my friends,
Hello my home, my family.
Bahagia berada di rumah,
Miz Vamp

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