Saturday, July 24, 2010

Eating Together

Having the chance to online right now so, I wanna give some update about my current life. Studies, well, all been doing quite well. Quizzes, assignments, presentation and tests started to "knock the door of my peaceful life".huhu.. I'm online because I wanna find few things related to my upcoming presentation. Last night me and my housemates went out looking for some things. Today, we cooked our lunch and eat together. Frankly speaking, not all of us cooked.hehe *grinned* Just Kak Laili and Kak Nora. I was just helping with the dishes. Today's menu, first menu - Ikan goreng, sambal sotong and sayur. Not bad.. =) Around 2PM after this I'm going to Yati's house because there's a birthday party for Qaseh. Eating again..hehe. How am I supposed to reduce some of my weight? LOL. But, rezeki jangan ditolak..hehe. Tomorrow, I got Ceramah for my MODUL 3. This weekend wasn't really packed like the last weekend since it just the first month so we still have some free time. Next week maybe I'll settle my PTPTN loan. Hopefully, because I really need some money.huhu. Okay, till then I think. Mom, Dad, I miss you guys a lot..

When bored in class..hehe

About the accident I had before, it's getting better. Will fixed the car by next week I hope.

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