Friday, July 16, 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Today I went to Jitra Mall(JM) with my friends - Atiq,Nady and Yati. After class, we went back home to change and headed to Jitra around 12 o’clock. It took about half and hour from Arau to Jitra. I am really excited because finally I got to watch my favourite movie ever, Twilight Saga:Eclipse. The tickets’ selling was very fast and because of that, our seats were the 3rd row from the screen. The movie was at 3.40PM. While waiting for the movie, we had our lunch at the food court. I ordered Nasi Goreng Ayam , Milo and fries. Yati’s friend joined us and before the movie, we all took a few pictures with the movie’s poster. Me and Yati pushing each other because we both like the same actor - the one and only for me, Edward Cullen.^__^ *grinned*

I really, really, really like the movie. It was two hours but it’s not enough for me. My best friends said that it was a bit boring and the story was slow but I don’t think so. Boring, hell no! Slow, definitely not. In fact, it was too fast and I didn’t notice that it’s already two hours I’ve been in there. I am so envy with Bella because she had the perfect, beautiful, shining boyfriend, Edward and a very sexy ‘best friend’, Jacob. Edward was very protective of Bella but I don’t really agree with him as he lied to her for her safety. There were a few funny parts especially when Edward arguing with Jacob about Bella. I LOOOVVVEEE the way Edward looks at Bella because it was full of love. I wish someone will look at me the way Edward looked at Bella.hehe..

Okay, as I said that I don’t fully satisfied watching the movie once, I’m planning on watching it again.hehe..Hey, it has nothing to do with my fanatic of Twilight but it’s because I sat at front of the screen. I don’t get to see the whole screen and it felt like my vision was limited. Okay, I lied. It is not just because of that. It is because I am a fanatic of Twilight.”\^__^/”

I've left this blog for a long time.
i'm fine, but it hard for me to online
since I don't have a broadband.
But i'm planning on getting one. Besides, I've
got to do lots of research using internet later..huhu
Will upload pics at JM later..

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