Thursday, October 21, 2010

2 Movie

As usual, I will go out with my best friend while I'm at home. Today, we went out to East Cost Mall (ECM) to watch some movie. Arrived around 11 o'clock, we headed to the upper floor. After a while, we decided to watch 2 movies in a day. (^_^) *grinned* I luv it!! The first movie was the latest Malay movie which is Cuti-Cuti Cinta.

The movie start at 12.25P.M. I thought there will be lot of comedy in it but nope. There are a few that not really funny. However, I do like the beginning of the story. I like Omar (Farid Kamil). The way he talked to Eva ( Nora Danish). Omar just a "kampung" boy but he was VERY patient dealing with the arrogant Eva. The story also took place in a nice place at Morib. Eva and Omar are very different. Their lifestyle of course. But I think you can predict the ending of the story. Overall, 3 and half stars. Sorry... Okay, next story is...

Sammy's Adventure: The Secret Passage. I wanted to watch this for a long time. The story start right after we're finished the first movie which is at 2.15PM. I LOVE the cute little green turtle. What I love more is that it comes in 3D. Actually, I think the most suitable age to watch this are children. hehe.. But hey, why not try something younger right?hehe... I got to see the under water life as if I was scuba diving. It was AWESOME!!! The story shows about the adventure that Sammy had to go through from the first he hatched until he grew old. It also shows about the turtle's life. What they eat, how they survive without the parents and what happened to turtles nowadays.. There are few moral values that can be adopted either for children or adults. I would suggest you to watch this. It is very entertaining watching those cute, adorable little green turtle, Sammy. Overall, 5 stars! (^_^)

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