Monday, November 29, 2010

My Salon

I tried to connect using my broadband but it showed "Connection terminated". I thought "Oh, it's raining." But then I remember the main cause. "Erkk I haven't pay the bill for 2 months.. -.-" Aishh..." No wonder laa..I thought it was because of the rain that caused it so hard to get line here. But now I can use it back. Dad, thanks for helping me paid the bill. Onion Emoticonngeee~~ I luv you!

I'm at my aunt's house at Gombak. Nothing to do just hanging around here instead of staying at home. It's basically the same thing - sleeping, eating, online and doing some chores, but in a different environment. I've been here for 2days. Yesterday we went out together with Pak Lang's family looking for 'tudung' for Mak Ndak and Mak Lang. I, unintentionally, bought a shawl.hehe. In the evening, we went to Maksu Ja's house at Selayang. Apparently, Pak Tam's family was also there but they've been there earlier than us. Having dinner, playing with sooooooo many kids *grinned* and a small keyboard I found in the house. The kids are very hyperactive but still entertaining. Onion Icons

Actually I'm here because as promised, I wanted to help my aunt with her hair; straighten her hair. So, tonight as agreed, I'm going to mess my hands with the smelly things and playing with the hair. However, I do like it. I can say that it's one of my interest. It's like, Sally's Salon. Welcome to my salon...Onion Icon

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