Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Life - it can be easy and hard. It can be bad and beautiful. Or it can be both.
You just have to endure it no matter what. Life must go on.
There's wonderful thing lies beneath every hardship you might gone through.
There might be rains and thunder but the rainbow will come soon if you just wait.
But keep in mind - bad things can get better, so does good things.
It can sometimes turn out to be troubled.
You can't be on top without going down.
But if you know how to handle it, your trouble won't be long.
Sometimes you might feel like you have lost your spirit, your life and your smile.
No, you haven't. You just missed it.
All you need to do is to find it back.
Faith, courage and patience - that's all you need.
Once you fall down, thousand times you have to get up.
Be strong because you're not alone.
There's always God who will always be with you.
Life isn't as hard as you think.
Well, it might be.
But there will be no satisfaction of life you might feel
if there's no pain at all.
You've got to be fair, right?
You can't gain something without give something in return...

Miz Vamp

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