Monday, November 15, 2010

With Co Pilot

Finally the final examination is OVER and say HI to semester break... Currently at my HOME SWEET HOME..I just got back yesterday. This time, I'm not driving alone. I've "hired" a co pilot.hehe...Okay, he's my friend from my former secondary school. Actually, we're supposed to go back at 8.30AM. Since he got up late =.=", so, we started our journey about half past 9 in the morning. He insisted to drive from UiTM. With him, I had the fastest time to reached home. We reached at Gombak around 2.30PM. We stopped at Penang RnR because he still haven't had his breakfast. Even though we stopped about half an hour to eat and 15 minutes at Tapah while refuel the gas, the journey still took 5 hours. It's the same as I drove alone which I stopped only 5 minutes at petrol station...littlekittyemoticon From Tapah, I took his place to drive while he's........sleeping.littlekittyemoticon

We stayed at my aunt's house more than 2 hours -had lunch, perfom our solah and rest. Then we headed back at 4.50PM. He drove, and we reached 'Tol Gambang' at 7PM. Aish. sangat gila ini orang. Then sent him and I reached home, safely, at 7.40PM. Whatever it is, I did had a nice journey with him. It's not boring because he did talked a LOT.hahaha thanks...

Planning for this semester break - spend time with my novels-New Moon and Eclipse

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