Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's All Coming Back

The wound started to bleed, again.
The hole in my chest become visible,
It's burning and caused the pain to come out.

I'd tried to ease the pain,
I'd tried to fill my thoughts with something else,
I'd tried to regain my strength with laughter.

I don't wanna fake myself,
I don't wanna make it worst,
I don't wanna feel the emptiness.

Everything around me reminded me of that time,
Every seconds that passed by leave a new scars,
Every breathe I take is excruciating to me,
Every thoughts I had is about him.

I wanted to be strong,
I wanted to take EVERYTHING out,
I wanted to fill my promise - to move on,
I wanted to forget what cause me so much pain.

Thank you, Malacca. You bring back the past.
MD, I had gave you my best.
Now, I'm at my WORST
since you had the best of me...

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