Friday, December 3, 2010

Movie and MAHA festival

I got back home last night. A day before that, I went out for a midnight movie with my uncles and lil' aunt a.k.a Mak Adik.hehe.. That day my Grandpa & Grandma arrived at Mak Ndak's house. That night - because I was VERY bored - I went out for a movie. It was a last minute planning since there's nothing more interesting thing to do. So, we went to Wangsa Walk. I don't like that mall.huhu...Okay, ignore that. Me and Mak Adik, we watched Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale 3D.

That story was AWESOME, FUN, INTERESTING and not to forget, FUNNY. When comes to a sad part, it was SAD. But when it's funny, you will laugh your heart out...Seriously, you should go watch it for those who haven't. The movie started at 10.30 PM and ended at 12.10 AM. Oh, my uncles watched different movie, Skyline. Since their movie started half an hour after us, so we have to wait for them to finish. After the movie, we went to Uptown at Danau Kota. I didn't buy anything, just wandering around with them. Then we 'lepak-ing' at A-Malek for a drink. We reached home around 2.30 AM and I went to sleep at 3 AM I think.huhu..

The next day I had to get up early because we wanted to go to MAHA Festival that was held at UPM, Serdang. That's the main reason my grandparents came to KL. It was fun there. There's so MUCH stalls, bazaars or whatever you called them. And not to mention that it's quite tiring with the hot weather MSN Onion Emoticon and the long walking. However, it did not stop me to enjoy the festival.. *grinned* The best part is when I got to taste all of the sample food given.heheMSN Onion Icons I also got to see cows, goats and bulls. And man, they were HUGE. VERY BIG. The biggest I've ever seen in my entire life. The cows were bigger that what I've seen at my Grandpa's farm. I also saw one of my favourite animal, rabbits.Onion Icons I've planned to buy one but thinking that I might not be able to take good care of it, so I just canceled it. On the contrary, Mak Ndak bought 'sate arnab'. MSN Onion Icons But I didn't eat even a tiny bit! Poor them..huhu. We go back when it's almost 3 PM and headed to Pak Tam's house. We had our lunch there. All of us were like Onion Emoticon Set. Thanks Mak Tam, for the scrumptious food.

Around 5.30PM, Pak Ndak sent me to Pekeliling because my bus at 7PM. OMG! The traffic was TERRIBLE from Bangi to Jalan Pekeliling. I got there when it was 7.30PM. I thought I'd already missed the bus but thanked God, I haven't. Instead, the bus was there at 8.15PM. Thanks to the traffic congestion. *grinned*
Okay, that's all what I wanted to tell about what's going on with my life lately...Adios Onion Emoticons

Excited to go to Malacca this weekend.
Miserable will knock the door of my life in 2days and
bring those wonderful yet painful memory
as a gifts.

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