Saturday, January 1, 2011

1st Day of 2011

Currently at Gombak. Day time, I spent time at Shah Alam to send my sister. Sent her stuffs only eventually.haha. Actually, the main purpose besides sending her was to take a look at her new rent house. Apartment, literally. Luckily her apartment was not so far from the UiTM gate. I think she can just walk there. The house was on the third floor. Inside of the house was like MSN Onion Emoticon Set. It was a MESS! Sorry to say.. But that's not her fault. It's from the previous students who stayed there.

I thought my house was bad but that house was worse. My mom and my aunt cleaned it up. They helped with the drainage problem, threw away whatever that were unnecessary from the kitchen, and not to forget the dirty toilet. I did helped, a little.hehe. It's not that I'm very lazy, it just that the way from the kitchen to the toilet was small. It will be packed if too many people in it.

Ouh, that's my mom. She can't see anything like that. You can say that she's fussy. I guessed it's mother's feeling - caring and always wants the best for their children. I love you, mom! Finally, ALL problems solved. There is one problem that still in the list - low water pressure. That's why my sister decided to go back with us. She wanted to buy a large pail to store the water so it will be easier for them.

My parents went downstairs to buy a book rack for my sister and our lunch. After having lunch and rest for a while, we headed back home. Before that, we went to Nagoya and bought a curtain for my sister's bedroom. Arrived home around 7.30 PM. It's a long, tiring day.

Tomorrow, I will go back, MSN Onion Emoticonstart my new semester..huhu.Onion Icons Goodbye holiday...Please pray that I'll be safe throughout my journey..My new year's resolution?? Urmm, the same, I wanna do better compared to last year. That's all..Oh, I paid my broadband bill at last.hehe.


NaEl said...

Waaa lajunye hapdet. hehe. Thankyou tolong2 semua. And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! <3

mrs.cokelat said...

gud luck for new semester sygs...!!

Miss Vamp said...

nael:: hehe,tgh rjin..=) tq 4 da wish..

cokelat:: gud luck 2 u 2 ^^,