Monday, January 3, 2011

Not so Short

Assalamualaikum...I don't really have the mood to type.huhu..So, I'll make it as short as possible. I just want to scribble a few things.

1. Study.
As you all know, school day has started. So as mine. Today is my first day of new semester. Nothing much happened. Since it's the first day, my lecturer's didn't start the lectures yet. We just having some small talk, or ice-breaking I could say. I just want to say that, I kinda like this semester. Okay, I know it's a weird thing that came from me. Something that you won't expect. But yeah, I did. This semester, I have 2 young lecturers. Non-women.bhahahaOnion Icons *gedik betul kau, Mizvamp.*

Someone: Tolong betulkan niat anda.
Me: Erkk..ok. Untuk belajar.
Someone: Tau pun.
Me: Tapi perkara tu lagi dapat tarik minat untuk belajar..
Someone: =.="

I just finished rearranging the house. This time, it's COMPLETE. DONE. NONE. Last night, me and my roommates just uncluttered the room. And man! It was Onion Emoticon Set exhausting. Just now, we're done with our things that were in the living room. All books have been unpack and transfer to our desks. Fortunately, it's not as tiring as last night.

I would like to say thank you very much to all my family and friends that had wished "Happy Birthday" to me. Thanks to my roommates who bought Secret Recipe's cake for me. I love you all!!!

4.To MD.
I know I already said it but I wanna say it again. "Happy Birthday to you". I was planning to be the first *I don't know why should I feel that I wanna be the first* but last night I was very busy - cleaned and tidy the house, prepared for today's study things - and I kinda forgot. I remembered it before I went to bed. At first I was wondering whether I should sent it or not. I am very sorry if I had disturbed you. Before today which is your birthday is over, Happy Birthday once again...It's hard to forget today's date.

Okay, it's quite long.hehe


Bijen M. said...

Awal semester dulu semua azam berkobar-kobar.
Tengah-tengah semester dah mula malas pergi kelas.
He he he.
Btw hepi beday.

Miss Vamp said...

haha..lg mls bile keje mkin blambak..hehe thanks..