Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tron Legacy

Supposedly I had 4 classes today. But gladly, it turns out to be only ONE class. hahaha.
8AM - canceled
10AM - After I had dressed up and about to step out of my house, I got an SMS, class had been canceled. I hate last minute decision..*sighed*
11AM - the only class for today, one hour ONLY.aishh.
2.30PM - canceled. =( What a waste...MSN Onion Emoticon

So, since we had so MANY free time, my friends decided to catch a movie and of course, Jitra's chicken chop - something that what we HAVE to get if we go there.hahah. So, our choice of movie was TRON LEGACY.

The movie was AWESOME!!!! I LOVE science fiction movie - the technology used and the motorcycle; Ducati.hahaha. The story line, the characters, the costumes - fantastic!! MSN Onion Emoticons Can you imagine, with a stick, you can turn it into a sporty motorcycle, a weapon, or even a jet! And it was like a game when they died. Their body will turn into many pieces - no blood involve, of course. It's another MUST-SEE movie for those who love action and adventure movie.MSN Onion Emoticons
Ducati's riders, I adore you. Onion Emoticonshehe.

Okay, I wanna go and watch a movie since my class tomorrow at 9AM.Onion Emoticons


Bijen M. said...

Permulaan semester yang baik.
Ha ha ha!

Miss Vamp said...

haha..mstila...gunakn pluang yg ade..hehe