Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pantai Kerachut - part 1

Last weekend I spent time with my ‘second BFF’. I followed my friend, Tya to her house at Butterworth. It’s my second time I stayed at her house. After a week of planning, the plan had been ‘approved’. Atiq and Yati tagged along and we drove there with my car.

Day 1

Our journey started around 4PM and arrived at Tya’s house a quarter past 6. Laughter, jokes and craziness filled the journey. It’s hard to have a silent mode when they’re around. There is always something to be talked about when you are with this kids.hahaha

After have a rest for a while and planning for tomorrow’s activities, we started our day together at 8PM. We went out together with Tya’s friend. I supposed, he’s the driver photographer for us while we’re here.hehe. We headed to Tesco at first to buy things for our breakfast and picnic for tomorrow.

Since Yati craving for one of the famous food in Penang – Char Kuey Teow (CKT) – Tya’s friend helped out by finding the most delicious CKT in town. I couldn’t remember which CKT’s stall we went but I do remember something – the smokes, the crowded and the lack of customer satisfaction. To be honest, I don’t know whether it’s the best CKT or not since CKT is not in my list of favourite food.hehe. However, I do admit it’s yummy. We headed back home when it’s almost half an hour to midnight.

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