Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pantai Kerachut - part 2

Day 2

I woke up at 6AM, take a shower and perform my solat, then I woke the others. As planned, we wanted to cook Nasi Goreng, nugget, sausage and wedges as our food supplies. When four of us in the kitchen, for sure it will be noisy with our chatter.

After done with the food, we pack some clothes to change later and waited for Mr.Nizam, our photographer. Actually, we’re behind the schedule. Supposedly, we should leave at 7AM but since we’re all late, we move at 8.30AM.As usual, we laughed, and teased each other. Lots of funny things happened in the car. Finally, we arrived at Taman Negara Pulau Pinang around 10AM.

After bought some drinking water and isotonic water, paid the entrance tickets, we started our jungle trekking around 10.30AM. Actually, we can go with a boat provided but we decided to use our own effort.cewahhh.. With our backpacks, we stride up the pavement. Everyone seems very spirited. However, after about 20minutes the trekking begun, the spirit went off. Actually, mostly it’s just me. I slowed the team. ARGH!!! I haven’t been on a jungle trekking for long, so this time I got weary easily. Plus with my not-so-good knees, make it harder. We stopped quite a few times. We even stopped to eat some of our food. Trust me, it was damn tiring. Lots of step up compared to step down. But the view – the green nature – was very scenic.

I walked faster when it’s step down. To be precisely, our main destination was Kerachut Beach. Besides using boat, we can go there by jungle trekking. It took us 14KM to reach at Kerachut Beach. About 5minutes before arriving at the beach, I could hear the sound of the wave splashing to the shore. I walked faster and with pleasure, we arrived after about one and half hours of trekking. The beach was stunning and attractive. The sand is white and felt nice under the foot. The sea was lovely and the sky was so bright and blue. There’s also a lake called a Unique Lake – it has both, sea water and lake water. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to watch the process where the sea water entering the lake.

After resting down for a while, it’s time to use the benefits of the man we brought together with. Camwhoring. Posing. Yup, that’s what we did. We also covered half of Tya’s body with sand – like she wanted. Next, we climbed up the rock to find more suitable places to set as background.heheh

When the shooting was done, we went back to our places and ate whatever that we brought. I think we brought too much for 5 persons. Or maybe the tiredness makes the appetite went low. Since we have leftovers, we gave it to Tya’s former friend who happened to be there at that time.

Eating. Talking. Camwhoring. Having fun. That’s what we did until the clock strikes at two. We packed our things, cleaned the place and headed back. Another tiring, jungle trekking. This time, En.Nizam said that we will go on a different path. We’re going to the Canopy Walkaway.

The trekking felt better to me but exhausted still fill in me. We found a water hill. The water was clear and cold. We stopped by for a while and enjoyed it. It felt so fresh once you touch the water and makes all the weary went away.

The journey back was longer. We reached the shore around 4PM. I was very relieved once we reached the place where we started. Mission accomplished! Me and Atiq have a chance to clean ourselves at the toilet provided. But since it’s already late – over-cleaning ourselves – En.Nizam decided that the rest of us – Tya and Yati – cleaned themselves at Masjid Terapung.

After all were done, we went to KFC Disneyland – as what Tya’s said. We spent time with everyone being so crazy. That time etched on my mind. Then, we wanted to go to Padang Kota to watch sunset. Since we’re late, we missed it. But at that time, we started to felt the pain. It felt like our legs were about to yank out while we’re walking. Despite the pain that’s been torturing us, we never let it stop the fun. Every moment was meaningful. We captured every moment that we could.

Atiq wanted to get on the ferry but the queue was damn long! Sorry Atiq, next time okay…Having dinner somewhere which I couldn’t remember, we ate ikan bakar. It’s delicious! All of us – except En.Nizam – walked like granny.bhahaha. We reached Tya’s home around 10.15PM.

That night, was a long night. All of us woke up around 9.30AM the next day. All the energy were gone because of that jungle trekking.haish! On the nest day, we went back when it was almost noon. We stopped at Sungai Petani, had a little shopping and got McD – Yati’s longing for it since the first day. We arrived safely at Arau around 5PM.

Even though we’re having all those pain, but the moments were worth it. But, next time we’ll go to Kerachut Beach by boat. I don’t want to suffer the same pain.huhu…

Sorry for the late entry, it’s been a long typing. Pictures will be uploaded later.


Ummi said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh sakan jalan eh...adeeii nak bot kaaa? Alaaah, buat mak risau jek pulak nnt...bergelak ketawa, beringat2 eh kakngah cayang....hehe

Miss Vamp said...

next time klu g nak naik bot.ari tu xnaik bot pon...kteorg trekking gi balik..penaattttt...xda la sakan mana.k.ngah xpnah lupa mak abah bila g mana2.jgn la risau..

SyerAgh said...

gambo ada gamnbo? he2

Miss Vamp said...

baru je letak..