Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pantai Kerachut - gambar

Let the journey trekking begin!!!

At first, kinda excited...then.....

After 20 minutes =.="

Take a break for a while...fuhhhhhh. Then we're back on trek.

After another half an hour, we stopped again to catch our breathe. And ate some of our food.hehehe

Still got time to pose for the camera..hihi ^^,

Finally, with our hard efforts, we reached the destination. Kerachut Beach..^__^

View at Kerachut Beach.

Process to cover Tya's body with sand. *wink*

And, it's done!

The Unique Lake

Enjoying the view ^_^

Us.......Me and Tya.......Atiq and Yati.

Makan time!!!!!

Landing time - time to take a nap.hehe

It's time to go back.. =(

River that I told you - clean, cold and fresh water

Canopy Walkaway

Take a break - but this time we're near from where we started

Mission accomplished!! YES!!!

At Padang Kota

These are the photos that I loves the MOST.

That's all.....Hope you guys enjoy the pictures ^_^


SyerAgh said...

lawa betul tmpat tu.. pntai dia leh mandi x? teringin ah nak p

Miss Vamp said...

bleh je...kteorg je mls mndi.dh puas mndi pluh.haha.nnt p la sna.bestt...

SyerAgh said...

best ek.. t korang guide la ek. team kelantan nak p. aha

Miss Vamp said...

nk guide?xreti sgt la..suh mber tya la.psni kte g rmai2 suh dy yg guide..hehe