Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hey you all!!! What's you've been doing lately? Any good news? Any good things happened? I hope there are.. Well, I don't know what should I write this time. Not that there's nothing happened, it just that I don't have the mood to write it.heheMonkey Emoticons

Anyway, while surfing the internet, I found something interesting. Why don't you guys check it out. Hear it.

Her name is Imratul Najwa binti Abdul Latif. hah? Monkey Emoticon
Relax. Cool down. I know. I know. Just like my name, right? hahah ^__^

So, she looks like just a plain girl, from Batu Pahat, Johor but her voice kinda amazing. She's like the next Yuna or Ana Raffali. She just another talent-to-be-found. And she's COOL. I like girls who know's how to play guitar. I kinda envy them..huuhu Monkey Emoticon

Another songs that captured my heart ears:
Talking To The Moon - my favourite song lately ^_^
Just The Way You Are
Jar of Heart
Yang Terindah
Marry You
and so many to list down.

And this one, well...Focus on the starting of the video - when they introduced themselves.

Is it a coincidence??? Freaky huh?

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