Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Najwa Swiss Roll

Hey peeps! How was your weekend? How's your holiday? Did you went somewhere? Hope you had a greet weekend. School break still have a week left. So, I'm not going to tell about holiday. It just about something I did last Sunday. Guess what??Monkey Icon Cici

Okay, sila jangan terkejut. I was searching for 'tips bahulu gulung' for my mother. I wanted to know how to roll it so it will be perfecto. Then I found this.

This recipe came from Auntie Dayang.

Looks yummy, right? Click the picture to view the ingredients and how to make it.

Tadaaa!!! This is London Najwa Swiss Roll. Bahasa kampungnya, Bahulu Gulung Najwa.hehe.

Amacam, ok tak??Monkey Icons

That is mine. To be honest, I didn't do it all by myself. Monkey EmoticonsMy mother helped me a bit.hehe. It took less than an hour and there you are. Lepas sediakan bahan-bahan, ikut cara-cara, bakar...

Gulungkan dengan berhati-hati...

Biarkan sejuk dulu...Owh, tak nampak sangat jem kan? Ada tu, tapi sikit.huhu

Baru la potong...Macam huruf 'e' kn?hehe

So, don't forget to try it. So easy!

Note: I used strawberry jem. Spread it as many as you want.heheh

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Ummi said...

Vaaaaaaaaaaaass...dah letak entry eh..kak ngah nnt buat lg eh...mak suka makan, letak jem nenas lak..pastu raya nnt kita jual eh..hehehe

Miss Vamp said...

bleh jer nk buat lagi..nnt mak beli la jem.

nk jual?? ermm tgk la dlu...ntah spe la nk beli.haha