Sunday, June 12, 2011


School break has ended. "Esok sekolah, malasnyaaa", "Hari ini ahad, esok sekolah!!" would be some of the post you may see posted by school kids. For me, I don't really feel anything about it. I haven't go for a vacation, I still went to work for the last couple of weeks and the most important thing, I DIDN'T went out with my darling yet - just with 'my kids' and that's only for a day. So, school break just felt like another day that passing by.

Only this weekend I was not-so-out of town - after Monkey Iconbegged my mother to take us where ever that's possible. Escape from this place would be better than going nowhere even just for a while. I just got back from Gombak this evening. Thanked God that there was more happening. More havoc. More loud and laugh.

After I came back from work last Friday, I packed my bags and we headed there. When we're there, Pak Lang's family, Makde and her youngest son, Pak Njang's family and Paksu we also there. We're celebrating Aidid and Alya's birthday. Well, Aidid's birthday supposed to be a week later but Pak Lang and Mak Ndak decided to do it all together. My mom baked and decorated a cake for them. It was...Well, best gila la. So much fun. We laughed, jokes and not to forget, we ate. Ouh, saya membuncitkan perut pada hari itu.hahaha.

Pictures will be upload later IF I'm not lazy.hehe. Or you can see it at my Mom's blog or my sister's blog.

Yesterday, my family and Mak Ndak and her son went to Maksu Ja's house at Selayang. We had our lunch there and for me, more food to eat. *grinned* Then we went to Selayang Mall which just a stone throw away from her house. We headed back to Gombak when it almost dusk.

Today, at noon, we headed back home. We stopped by at Taman Gelora and had 'rojak' as our lunch.Monkey Icons Well, me and my sister was craving for it since last week but we didn't had a chance to go there. So, since I'm there, I had a full plate of 'Rojak Ayam' and a big glass of lychee.Monkey Emoticons Not just that, I even take away a 'Laicikang' as my dinner - that's enough after had a full stomach for lunch.

P/S: Happy birthday to Alya and Aidid and Amna. Oh, I will start my first teaching tomorrow..Hurmm what's going to happen??Monkey Icon Nervous la pulak. Hope all went well.*finger crossed*

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