Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cameron Highlands

I reached home around 4.15P.M from KL. Well, as I mentioned earlier, I went to Cameron Highlands(CH) last week. It was great! Only a few of my relatives didn't joined us because they already went there few months earlier. We all stopped at Lata Iskandar Waterfall almost about 2 hours (if i'm not mistaken) and what else to do than camwhoring..haha. We took this opportunity to take as many "photoshots" as we can.hehe..Luckily there were not too many people there so we can conquer that place..wuahahah. owh, rase mahu swim jer time tu..huhu.. But we couldn't because we have to run to the apartment that we booked and we must check in around 2P.M. But then, some of us still managed to 'donate' their money to the 'gerai-gerai', buying some food and hat. Tok ki was the best. tabik r.. He's the only person who got the chance to go through all the stalls there. He walked all by himself while the rest of us busy camwhoring at the waterfall. When we met him at the car, proudly he showed us that he bought hat, 'pistol', and 'sumpit'. I wondered what he's going to do with that 'sumpit'. mau sumpit lembu ke Tok?? lol.

My family have to go first as we need to look for the apartments. The apartments were side-by-side and each apartment has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The apartment that my family chose have quite big kitchen while the other has a small kitchen but a nice small bar at the living room. After 'turun naik' carried the luggage and 'periuk belanga', I spent time camwhoring some more with my sister while waiting for the others.*grinned* After all dah sampai, we all ate the food that we brought. I was so starving that time so couldn't wait any longer. Had to fill up this big tummy.huhu..And still camwhoring again with my cousin.

That afternoon was great. We all sat together watching football while the Moms went out buying some veggie.. Pergh! That was soo much fun! Two groups, one in my apartment, the other in the next. My cousins, Shamila, OMG.. I never thought that she was like that. Hahaha..We all screamed when there almost a goal, complained this and that about the game. And we all also xmau mandi. Reason, sangat sejukk~~ But there, I didn't felt that cold like others. Don't know why.. The best part was when Malaysia made the first goal. The goal was made by Zaquan and there's only a few minutes before the game end. We all screamed and clapping. The Moms yang sudah pulang dan sedang masak for dinner keluar dari kitchen asking what happened. The funny thing was when the other groups ran into our house sreaming Goal! Goal! and some of my group ran into the next house. LOL. My cousins yang muda-muda ran around the dining table and screaming goal! It was soo crazy. I never thought that we all gonna be like that. And I was wondering, jiran-jiran yang lain xda pulak bising like us..huhu

After mandi-manda, we all ate together. Even lauk only some sayur and sardin, but still berselera. Maybe because makan ramai-ramai. Begitu seronok (^,^) After makan and lepak-lepak, me, my sister and my cousin decided to go out. My mom said ok but kena ajak orang laki. So, lastly, 3 of us, my bro, Paksu, Cu Syah and not to forget, the 'kakak senior' a.k.a MakDe went out. We just walked to take angin malam. Yang kecil-kecil mau ikut but we all said that it's for adults.haha..Sorry you all.. While walking, we all like gelak-gelak after one another made some jokes. We're strolling and just checking out kedai-kedai there. Then we went to this small carnival like 'pasar malam' and MakDe bought something for her boys. We bump into Pak Lang's family and PakCik Ar on the way back. Hujan renyai-renyai mase mau balik. PakCik joined us and we all still laughing and joking...Joking that we all fly keluar hostel and so on and have to go back faster before the warden awake.. Then, I said that I wanted to cross the fence. Then MakDe said tak elok, bahaya.. But few seconds later, she dare me to cross the fence. Without hesitated, hati yang memang sudah malas berjalan jauh, I climbed up to cross it and jumped on the ground. It's not that tall, just about my height. But, when I turned around, my cousins, my sister and even the 'kakak senior' also climbed up. The guys laughing at us and I was laughing too, seeing them climbing. LOL. Then, in the dark I saw the guys still cross the fence, but at the corner, there was a small hole and they go through it. They laughing at us louder as we were so fool climbed up while they just go down, more well-mannered I assumed. My pants got wet in the middle because of I sat while crossing over. We were still laughing when going upstairs. It was very hilarious..I'm laughing sampai rase mau nangis and cannot nafas because sedang naik tangga. OMG. So tired disebabkan ketawa. And I had to warn them because that time already 11P.M, afraid that my mom will scold us. After get into the house, my sister and my cousin still giggling thinking of that incident. That night was soooo tiring. I slept around 12.30A.M. But that time I felt like it's already 2 or 3 o'clock.

I got up early, taking my bath and prepared to eat.hahaha.. We move out around 10A.M and went to so many places. Bought lots of things until kereta sudah mau penuh macam tin sardin. Camwhoring more and more and more... We reached Gombak almost 10PM if I'm not mistaken.


On Saturday, me, my sister and my Cousin La, we went out. I got a lots like tons of experience that I won't forget. By taking monorail, we went to Mid Valley Megamall. After berhimpit dalam KTM, we reached there safely. After 'selamat' send this madly in love people, me and La went to KTM and Monorail again, going to Times Square. M.Valley, many people. T.S also maa... aduii...The first thing when we reached TS, cari makan dulu..perut sudah berbunyi.. and had to fill the energy so that I can walked and shopped.hehe. We just tapau because no place to sit. Lepak sambil makan dekat dengan theme park there and kenal this security, from Mumbai, India. HAHAHA.. OMG, I don't know why he spoke to us. We sat near the security table because no people there. Then he came and talked to us. To me to be exact. OMG...Sooo damn embarrassing!! I taught him some Malay words then we took off. Can't stand stayed there any longer.huhu.. I managed to buy 2 clothes and a watch. hehe *grinned* After spent many times cari yang berkenan dihati.. I met many handsome guys there..hehe. But no mood to main mata or what so ever.. Jauh sekali mau cari yang lain. Sudah serik..huhu. :-( The way back was like...ermm..was suck! We had to berhimpit-himpit and missed 3 train. We managed to get inside the forth train after berebut with others. Kesian that guy..Sorry..huhu. Terpaksa buat muka tak bersalah and tolak orang depan. In that train, this chinese woman mau pengsan..aduyaiii...tengah-tengah simpit ni, time ni la nak buat scene. Me and some of them who near her, helped her, kipas-kipas her.. Nasib baik tak muntah. Thank God. Then, we decided to meet my sister at KL Central. So, don't have to take more time buat kerja banyak kali. huhu.. We reached home safely around 8PM. End of the story.. I stayed at my aunt's house for another 4 days. My family went home last sunday but I got home, today..hehe.. That's all...penat menaip..huhu. I'll upload the pictures later.. Penat sudaa...

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