Wednesday, December 16, 2009

uNexpEcTed dReaM

'It' came again.. What does 'it' want? That dream..*sigh* That kind of dream always makes me down for the whole day. I can't see 'it' but I always dreamed about 'it'..Isn't it that what I'm asking for? But, is it enough just dream about 'it' without get 'it'? I felt like I don't want to wake up today so that I can see 'it' always. Why is it so hard for me to get over 'it'?? Why is it so hard to get over u, D? Why??? Guess what. Love is the slowest form of suicide. It takes your breathe, your heart and your soul!

I'll won't be around for few days.
But I'll try to get connected even I'm not at home.
I'm going to Cameron Highlands tomorrow, to have some...urmm no. LOTS of strawberries.
And I'll be staying at my aunt's house until the next Wed.
GTG now..

Gloom but excited at the same time,
Miz Vamp

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