Tuesday, December 15, 2009


"Setiap kejadian ada hikmahnya". I know that. But I had planned to go there and start a new life by leaving the old ones behind. It's not that I want to run away..I just want to avoid 'it', for my own good. I don't know there is a 'dateline' for that. Before this I haven't sure yet, thus I need time to think. But now, when I'm sure about it, I lost what I tried to reach. Now I know that good things don't wait. We have to grab it as soon as we know it's there. But things happened for reasons right? *sigh* But what are the reasons? When it comes to 'it', when I want to take a new steps to get rid of 'it', there's always something in the middle. It happened 3 times! There's always obstacles..*sigh* What does that mean??? Does it mean that I don't have to 'throw' it away? Does it mean that I have to keep it?? Keep in touch with 'it'..Are those the reasons why I lost what I want? Lost the new things that I thought can change everything..Does it mean I don't have to change? Is it why I'm having a dilemma to make a decision? But...is it worth it, to wait....Should I??

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