Thursday, December 24, 2009

cRiSis diRi

During this whole semester break, after ignored my eating habit,urghhh... I have noticed that I have gaining some weights. Even my Mom and my aunts also noticed. muka makin bulat..huhu Oh God... What have I've done during this whole semester break...I ate a lot..I ate late at night..I sleep late.. People will said that I'm happy, that's why I eat a lot.. But not exactly. I do ate a lot even if I'm not happy, if I'm sad.. But I'm not saying that I'm sad,that's why I ate a lot..I'm not sad all the time that makes me wanna eat. I do admit that I am sad, but SOMETIMES only. And also sometimes depressed, almost everytime crying before sleep, and every second thinking about him.. It's all because of mr. MD. Urghh!! What am I saying?? rubbish. forget about it. ter'over' pulak.. wrong topic. Well, it just that, during this past couple of months, I have quite a big appetite. Sometimes when I'm eating, it keeps continue.. It just like I can't control myself and have to remind myself to stop eating, saying this to myself, "berenti laa..nanti boleh makan lagi.." I remembered mase dekat kampung, I ate 2 bowls of nooddle, 1 bowl 'nasi impit' and some cake at the same time!! Sebab terliur dan sungguh sedap maa.. And when at home, 3 days in a row, I ate 3 pinggan, LATE at night, BEFORE sleep. Makan sampai perut pon rase keras sebab sudah full.. How bad was that?? Ladies and gentlemen, that were the examples of what we called 'eating disorder'..giler betol. And the results were, gaining another 3kg, muka makin bulat, seluar jean pakai dah ketat and tummy..ermm.... *sigh* I do want to gain some weight, but not 'gaining' the tummy too... (*,*)" sudah buncit lor.. This is not what I want. Gain weight, yes. 'Gain' tummy, hell NO. But it's ok. I hope this just for temporary. I still remember one of my principle, selagi bernafas, makan selagi boleh. When I start my new semester, I can get back to normal..hehe.. *finger cross* Have to puasa selalu la if so.. huhu

Miz Vamp

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