Saturday, December 26, 2009

Go oR nOt??

Finally, the results for what I've been waiting for were out. I've applied for the short course to degree and now, I have been offered to do degree at UiTM Arau.. I am shocked!! I have applied at Shah Alam but they sent me there..huhu :( It is not fair! Why they gave us choices if they won't approved it??? Now, I'm in dilemma. Situation that I hate. Should I go or not?? 2 of my friends got the same place like me but they also in the same situation like me, wondering and thinking and thinking whether to go or not to go. Some of my friends who got offered in Shah Alam, I heard they want to go. Shah Alam ok laa.. I do want to go there if I got the offer. I will go without thinking. But Arau... *sigh* If I accept, I have to register there this January 3rd. Someone's birthday that day..huhu My BFF said that I should grab this opportunity and go. Remember what I said before? Do not let the good chance slip away. But what if this is not the good chance? Arau...hurmm.. I do want to make some changes. Changes for a better life. So, the question is, should I go or not??

Miz Vamp

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