Tuesday, February 16, 2010

cRisiS n dReAm

I'm at home right now. I'm so glad to be at home... =) Having a mid sem break right now is what I've been waiting for all this while. I took a bus at 1.45PM last friday to Gombak and reached there about 10.15PM. The bus so damn slow. Luckily it was comfortable. Then the next day, my family came. I went out with my brother and my sister to Times Square. Well, just kinda 'accompany' my sister to go dating with her bf. While I'm dating with my brother. LOL. Actually, I wanted to find Twilight's novels. I've found it but not all. No New Moon. The truth is, there was New Moon but the book not the same size with the other series. I don't know why.. There's also a pack of Twilight's series but that one cost RM300++ which was OVER my budget. huhu ='( I'm sooooooooo frustrated. I wish there is someone who is generous enough to buy me that Twilight's pack...huhu. Anyway, I'll find them no matter what!! The books of course. (^_^) Not the person...

Now I'm at home, I want to go out meet my honeys (miss Spider n miss Butterfly) if they not busy.. Spend some for movieS. owh...I wanted to watch Adnan Sempit, My Name Is Khan, Valentine's Day and some more..hehe. What else do I want to do huh? ermm.... Oh ye. Drive. Sangat rindu mahu menDRIVE. plus, I just being told by my mum that my dad had repaired the kancil's air-cond. (^_^) and urmmm.... eat some burger.. why?? Because I haven't eat them there because it was very expensive even for just a simple burger. Even though my family had noticed about my changes, I still want to eat more...hehe. Latest info about me is...the last time I checked, my weight was 47kg which surprised me a lot! My weight never more than 45kg before. But now??! Am I happy, that's why I ate a lot? Check back what I wrote before..

Then, the last thing that I want to do is my Philo's assignments. Got to search the internet and find some stuff for my presentation and some issues that the lecturer wanted. Owh... About Langkawi's pics, I think I don't want to upload it here because most of the pics have been uploaded by my friends. So, you can check out my facebook.

sleepy n hungry
Miz Vamp


Gadis Imaginasi said...

woahhhh. bile nak jejalan ni wehhh!!! :D
slr aku menanti2 kehadiran kaooo. hahaha.
cepat curik akuuuu. ngehehehehe

Miss Vamp said...

haha....nk curik cm cian plak bf kamuu..

Gadis Imaginasi said...

arghhh abaikan diyeee.. hahahaha

Miss Vamp said...

ok2...nnt aku curik ko..hehe.c ya..